EMX Gripper Electro magnets is combine multi pcs of small electro magnets with low weight aluminum alloy frames, and mainly designs for material handling in Automation lines or robots. The compact structure ensure very powerful gripping capacity ratio with limit size.

EMX Gripper Electro magnets could be customized due to the various shape of workpieces thus guarantee a full contact of the parts and generate strong clamping force.


EMX Gripper Electro magnets could also handling perforated material, ie metal sheets with holes. This is a huge advantage compared to vacuum handling solutions.

EMX Gripper Electro magnets gripping force is adjustable through connected controller. The lower capacity could use to grip thin thickness sheet one by one and avoid sheets adhesion.

Multi EMX Gripper Electro magnets  could work together to handling long or heavy steel blocks, and could share a same control system.


  • High efficiency and quick hold and release
  • Holding force is easily controlled
  • The control unit could connect to the PLC system of robot
  • Handles also perforated material and round parts


Ideal for sheet metal pick and place, especially for robot gripping, welding, workholding, complex laser-cut patterns, Separators, Conveyors, Feeders and any application requiring the positioning of ferrous materials or goods.