• Pneumatic Magnetic Grippers.

    Pneumatic control, Permanent force

  • Manhole Cover Lifting System.

    300kg lifting capacity

  • Magnetic Gripper PPMG-Max.

    2000N Holding force, suitable for both round and flat parts gripping.

  • Carbide Alloy Magnetic Chuck.

    For Hard Alloy Workholding

  • Magnetic Chuck.

    Powerful And Powerful Holding Force


Pneumatic Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets inside as force source, and Pneumatic switch MAG & DEMAG phase.

Electro Permanent Magnets.

Permanent Magnets inside as force source, and Electrical pulse switch MAG & DEMAG phase.

Electro Magnets.

Continiously electrical current inside as force source, and also used to switch MAG & DEMAG phase.

Welcome to MAGTWINS.

MAGTWINS is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in pneumatic magnetic gripping and lifting of ferromagnetic sheet metal. The magnetic grippers could be easily controlled by compressed air, which makes it very suitable for Automation application…

Magnetic Solution for your industry 4.0.

We offer a full range of magnetic products for gripping, lifting, clamping and demagnetization applications. For non-ferrous workpieces, we also have vacuum clamping chucks. Our new products as below:

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Why we need Industry magnets?

Comparing to traditional clamping & lifting methods, magnet could provide more flexible and steady holding force. It have at least 5 advantages as following:

Permanent Force
High Efficient
Easy Operation
Energy Saving
LongerService time
10+ Applications

For Gripping & Clamping

50+ Products

Customized design & Standard

24/7 Support.

Fast response and solution

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